1. juli 2011

1 mnd.

Mammas lille skatt er 1 mnd. gammel i dag.

My little boy is 1 month old today.

9 kommentarer:

Eda ♥ sa...

You must be so very proud to have such a beautiful baby, congratulations!

Eda ♥

Ramona sa...

Yayy! Happy first Mothday Theo Emil!
Your baby boy looks so cute and what a beautiful smile!
Can't stop smiling looking at his photo.So lovely!

xoxo Ra

Jorunn sa...

Ååå.. For en fining ;)
Virkelig søt!

Monique Lund sa...

Åh, sukk - for en nydelig liten skatt!

Veronica Lauritsen (23) sa...

GUUD så nydelig <3

Cecilie sa...

Gratulerer med 1 månedsdagen som var =) Nydelig skatt du har

Cris sa...

OMG What a beautifullll picture!!! He is simply adorable!

-Cris xoxo


Tessi sa...

Thank u so much sweethearts<3

Christina sa...

For et nydelig lite smykke♥