31. desember 2010

2010 outfits - part 2

 Which one did u like best?

7 kommentarer:

FashionHippieLoves sa...

great looks!
Happy new year!


m sa...

i love the floral top on u.it looks great

Jen sa...

Love the jumper in the last pic!
Happy new year!
Love Jen

helena sa...

I really love the coat you're wearing on the second pic but the rest of them is awesome as well.
Great looks haha. I'm following you now, you have a lovely blog.
Oh and happy new year :D

Tessi sa...

fashionhippie loves: Thsank u anni! Happy new year!

Tessi sa...

m: Thank u so much!

jen: Thank u!! Happy new year:)

Tessi sa...

Helena: Thank u so much!! Thank u for following my blog dear:) That makes me SO happy!!

Happy new year:)