29. august 2010

se leppo

jumpsuit - hm
cardigan - bikbok
bag - hm
sandals - dna
earrings - ginatricot
watch -  casio

Første kveld på Maui:) Bilder fra hotellområdet.

first night at Maui! Pictures from our hotel area.

12 kommentarer:

Cecilie sa...

Got to love leo =) Fine bilder av dere, får utrolig lyst å reise til Hawaii altså

The travelling fashionista sa...

You gotta love H&M it has the most wonderful things ever. Go playsuits they are so handy and pretty! I might wear mine tomorrow!

Looking good as usual!


Dolls Factory sa...

Lovely blog and great sense of style. I want to follow.
But I don't like fans of blogs I want to exchange style&fashion tips.

Check my blog. Let me know if you want to be friends through friendconnect.


Tessi sa...

Cecilie: tusen takk! Ja det må du gjøre:)

Tessi sa...

travellling fashonista: Thank u so much:) Gotta love playsuits!

Tessi sa...

dolls factory: im not sure what this friendconnnection thing is.. but ill check out your blog and we can figure something out:D
And thank you so much for your kind words!

x tessi

Cupcakes and champagne sa...

Elsker hengebroen, det er så eksotisk :)

Jony sa...

Looks like you had an amazing time!!
Love your jumpsuit and you are pretty!


Marit sa...

Heldig! :) Liker outfitn )

Kristine sa...

Fine bilder =)

Tessi sa...

Jony: Thank u so much sweety<3

Tessi sa...

Marit & Kristine: tusen takk<3 !