27. august 2010

dusty rose

cardigan - bikbok
shorts - ginatricot
body/top - bikbok
stockings(new) - hm
boots - roots
earrings - bikbok

10 kommentarer:

Tesa sa...

great shorts!

Eda ♥ sa...

My darling you look lovely, the colours are so pretty and feminine, love the body with the high waisted shorts ♥

*following your blog flower*

Eda ♥


claire sa...

Love the colours,
your outfit is amazing
the tights are very cool!


Tessi sa...

Thank you so much for your sweet comments sweet ladies<3<3<3

rainbows & fairydust sa...

very cute!

ps. is that an engagement ring on your finger?

Tessi sa...

Thank u! And yes it is:)

rainbows & fairydust sa...

Awesome!! Congratulations!!

when did he pop the question?

Tessi sa...

Thank u sweety<3 At hawaii... Stay tuned for photos;) tihi!

rainbows & fairydust sa...

wooo hooo!! I thought it was a new addition!! I am ALWAYS on the look out for a beautiful engagement ring!!
Soo happy for you! You must be on cloud nine! Never forget this feeling, its such a precious time!

cant wait for the pics!!

xoxo Clare xoxo

Kirstin sa...

You are sooo cute! Love the look and your Hawaii pics are beautiful!
Check out my blog:)