8. juli 2010


top - bik bok
jeans - bik bok
cardigan - bik bok
necklace - bik bok
bracelets - bik bok
rings - vintage
watch - casio

7 kommentarer:

rainbows & fairydust sa...

LOVE ur jeans and ur watch xx

Naomi Nadine sa...

Gulligt:) Vilken fin glöd du har:D

Stephanie Eide Furguiel sa...

Like fin som alltid- du er en inspirasjon. Staa paa

Cris sa...

Hi Tessi! I love the white top you got from BikBok. I really wish they had that store in the US. I put a link of your blog on mine. If you look, it's under "Blogroll" under Tessi. You're from Norway right? Correct me if you're not. I love your blog so much!!!


Tessi sa...

rainbow& fairydust: Thank you:)

Tessi sa...

Naomi og søte Stephanie: Tuse takk snille søtnoser!! :)

DEre gjør meg glad!

Tessi sa...

Cris: U know I love your blog to!! Ive put u on my blogroll as well now!! :) And yes im from norway:) Thank u sweety!!!