7. juni 2010


Olivia dress - bik bok
bangles - bik bok
watch - dkny
earstuds - ginatricot

7 kommentarer:

My Lack of Style sa...

You are pretty and love the dress, stripes are always good! ;)

Tessi sa...

Thank you so much<3

Damsels sa...

i lvoe the layered pears on your wrists. .you look so dazzling and summery

Tzoulia Kadoglou sa...

gold looks so good on you :)
i follow u my blonde muffin :)

you did a good job with your blog :)
i will visit u as soon as i can again.

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Tzoules K

Tessi sa...

Thank you my sweets:) !

Alexandra ( LO ) sa...

I am in love this with outfit.

I adore your style.

Please check out my blog, and follow me. :)


<3 Alexandra

Tessi sa...

Thank you so much alexandra!! :)