4. juli 2009

What a feeling!

I love Stavanger this time of year! The city is full of people drinking, partying out in the streets. And the weather is amazing!! Especially now since we are hosting the World Championship Beach volleyball 2009! These picture are from me and Julies evening out on thursday:)
My outfit:
  • dress - cubus
  • denim jacket - bikbok
  • fringebag - h&m
  • sandals - dna shoes
  • earrings - h&m

6 kommentarer:

FashionHippieLoves sa...

this dress in combination with the denim jacket is so fab!!!!
You look so great!!!


Mademoiselle Frou-Frou sa...

it looks so pretty where you are...and you look wonderful too!!

Goldie Locks sa...

Great blog - i love all of your pictures!!
You always look great :)

Merily sa...

Beautiful pictures :)

labeautifulvie sa...

I love that blue/green color on that dress. So cute!

Tessi sa...

Thank u so much cuties!!