21. juni 2009

Boom boom boom..

My outfit saturday: Dress from Vero Moda, shoes-Bianco, belt-BikBok, vintage purse from my Great grandmother.
Sweet Hanne! Check out her heels♥

We had a great time at the dinner-show at Hall Toll with my boyfriends job. So much fun! How was your weekend?

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FashionHippieLoves sa...

love your outfit!!!!


Breeahna sa...

That dress looks great on you, the pinky beige really suits your colouring. The belt really makes it too.

Damsels sa...

thats a sweet shade of pink on thatdress
We Were Damsels

karen-elise sa...

Sv: Abercombie :)

Bor du i Stavanger foressten?

Vik sa...

HI Again :)
Love the studded belt its just like the one carrie has in the sex and the city film..im jealous!!
Ive never heard of Bik Bok but im going to go check it out now!!
Much love from Ireland

stilettolover91 sa...

that song is hottttt & both of you look phenomenal!! i like what your wearing especially ur shoes!!!!

p.s: i have a blog too u should check it out, and if u like it i'd love to be affiliates with yours!!


A little Princess sa...

OMG-one of your previous posts- I LOVE VV BROWN! I was working PR at her first bigish gig and she is SO tall!

Your outfit on this post is stunning, I love the pink xoxo

deep_in_vogue sa...

Wow you are soo beautiful! Love that dress on you!

Rene Cav sa...

Your outfit looks great!! Pink looks great on you!! I love your blog!!

Tessi sa...

Thank you so much for your sweet comments!!

<3 <3 <3

Tessi sa...

Karen elise: Ja d gjør jeg! Ser du jobber på indiska i stavanger! :) Så kjekk butikk!

stilettolover: Thank u!! I'll put your link on my page:)

And again, thank you so much for the really nice comments!!

Rosanna sa...

cute dress!!!